Publications & Reports


Publications & Reports


J. Tebart
P. Lu
A. Stöhr
Prospects and Technologies for Mobile Terahertz 6G Communications
OFC 2023, San Diego


Dan Jia
Alexander Hermans
Bastian Leibe
Global Hierarchical Attention for 3D Point Cloud Analysis
The German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR)
Robert-Jeron Reifert
Alaa Alameer Ahmad
Hayssam Dahrouj
Anas Chaaban
Aydin Sezgin
Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri
Mohamed-Slim Alouini
Distributed Resource Management in Downlink Cache-Enabled Multi-Cloud Radio Access Networks
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
Jan Richter-Brockmann
Jakob Feldtkeller
Pascal Sasdrich
Tim Güneysu
VERICA - Verification of Combined Attacks : Automated formal verification of security against simultaneous information leakage and tampering
IACR TCHES 2022, Vol. 4
M. Müller
J.-M. Knorr
D. Behnke
C. Arendt
S. Böcker
C. Bektas
C. Wietfeld
Enhancing Reliability by Combining Manufacturing Processes and Private 5G Networks
In IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN2022), Perth, Australia, July 2022
Akram Najjar
Mohammed El-Absi
Thomas Kaiser
Non-Overlapped Subarrays Based Wideband Delay-Phase Hybrid Beamforming
IWMTS 2022
Ruchuan Ou
Guanru Pan
Timm Faulwasser
Data-Driven Multiple Shooting for Stochastic Optimal Control
IEEE Control Systems Letters
F. Kurtz
R. Wiebusch
D. Overbeck
C. Wietfeld
Predictive 5G Uplink Slicing for Blockchain-driven Smart Energy Contracts
In IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2022 - Workshop on Scalable, Secure and Intelligent Blockchain for Future Networking and Communications, Seoul, Korea, Hybrid Event, May 2022
Jan Richter-Brockmann
Johannes Mono
Tim Güneysu
Folding BIKE: Scalable Hardware Implementation for Reconfigurable Devices
IEEE TC 2022, Vol. 5
Aleksandar Ichkov
Onur Atasoy
Petri Mähönen
Ljiljana Simić
Full-Stack ns-3 Framework for the Evaluation of 5G-NR Beam Management in Non-Standalone Downlink Millimeter-Wave Networks
IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM)
Yunlu Xiao
Petri Mähönen
Ljiljana Simić
Mobility Performance Analysis of Scalable Cell-Free Massive MIMO
IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)
H. Schippers
C. Schüler
B. Sliwa
C. Wietfeld
System Modeling and Per­for­mance Evaluation of Predictive QoS for Future Tele-Operated Driving
In IEEE International Sys­tems Conference (SysCon), Virtual Event, April 2022
K. Jerbic
J. T. Svejda
B. Sievert
A. Rennings
J. Fröhlich
D. Erni
The importance of subcellular structures to the modeling of biological cells in the context of computational bioelectromagnetics simulations
A. Stöhr
Logistik: Immer mehr Warenverkehr auf gleicher Fläche
6G Experten Roundtable
Jan Richter-Brockmann
Pascal Sasdrich
Tim Güneysu
Revisiting Fault Adversary Models - Hardware Faults in Theory and Practice
IEEE TC 2022
B. Sliwa
M. Geis
C. Bektas
M. Lopéz
P. Mogensen
C. Wietfeld
DRaGon: Mining latent radio channel information from geographical data leveraging deep learning
In IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), Austin, Texas, USA, May 2022
A. Nota
S. Saidi
D. Overbeck
F. Kurtz
C. Wietfeld
Providing Response Times Guarantees for Mixed-Criticality Network Slicing in 5G
In Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE), ACM, Antwerp, Belgium, Virtual Event, March 2022
NGMN Alliance (with contributions from 6GEM, UDE)
6G-Use Cases and Analysis
NGMN Board
Jan Richter-Brockmann
Ming-Shing Chen
Santosh Ghosh
Tim Güneysu
Racing BIKE: Improved Polynomial Multiplication and Inversion in Hardware
IACR TCHES 2022, Vol. 1


Behzad Abdolmaleki
Daniel Slamanig
Subversion-Resistant Quasi-Adaptive NIZK and Applications to Modular zk-SNARKs
In CANS 2021. (Best Paper Award)
Jan Richter-Brockmann
Aein Rezaei Shahmirzadi
Pascal Sasdrich
Amir Moradi
Tim Güneysu
FIVER - Robust Verification of Countermeasures against Fault Injections
IACR TCHES 2021, Vol. 4


David Knichel
Pascal Sasdrich
Amir Moradi
SILVER - Statistical Independence and Leakage Verification